About email labels
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About email labels

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Where to go? Deals > Pipeline and Account page

Get the gist of an email at a glance with our email labels.

Introducing email labeling

Email labeling lets you quickly view the status of a deal without having to trawl through an entire email thread to fish out the 'nuggets'.

Gong analyzes the emails and automatically generates an email label, or multiple labels, highlighting the topics discussed in email threads. This time-saving feature, displayed in the Account page, enables you to quickly view the status of a deal without ever having to read an email!

List of email labels

Gong currently* auto-generates the following email labels:

  • Reject

  • Pricing

  • PI (personal info)

  • OOO

  • Scheduling

  • Invite sent

  • Invite updated

  • Invite canceled

  • Invite accept

  • Invite decline

  • Invite tentative

  • Auto reply

  • Spam

  • Contract

  • Payments

  • Legal

* More email labels will added in future updates

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