Enable sharing calls with customers
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Enable sharing calls with customers

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Including the link to a call in a follow-up email is good practice. If the prospect shares the call onwards, it may be an indication that the deal is moving forward. At the same time, you may not want the calls your team shares to be shared with just anyone, and you may not want them to be accessible for an unlimited period of time.

Permission to share calls is set in the permission profile. Restrictions on how long shared calls are accessible for, and who has access to them, are set in the Data protection & privacy page. Follow these steps to make sure people in your org are set up for call sharing.

To see how reps can share calls in Gong, see Share a call.

Enable call sharing with customers

  1. Click Company settings > People > Permission profiles.

  2. Create a new profile, or edit an existing one.

  3. In the Call and email actions area, select Share calls with customers.


Define call share settings for your company

  1. Click Company settings > Data capture > Data protection & privacy.

  2. In the Share calls outside your company section, set:

    • Access period

      • Default access period

      • How long access can be extended for (for users who have that permission)

    • Who can access

      Choose from the following options:

      • Anyone who has the link

      • People who identify themselves (for example, via Google or LinkedIn)

      • Only people who were specified when the call was shared

    • Whether to include call spotlight

      • Available only when full calls are shared, not snippets

      • Once enabled, individual users can choose whether or not to include spotlight in the call when they share it

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