Connect Salesforce to Gong
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Connect Salesforce to Gong

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  • API access enabled on your Salesforce Org

    If API access isn't enabled, you get an error when you try to connect.

  • We recommend setting up an integration user with the following attributes:

    • Is a Salesforce admin

    • If using multiple currencies, the integration user must have their personal currency set to the same currency as the corporate currency

    • If using opportunity teams, splits, or products, the integration user must have access to any relevant objects

How to connect

  1. In Gong, click Company settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

  2. Click Connect and log into your Salesforce account.

  3. When prompted, click Allow to authorize Gong to access Salesforce.

    Gong asks for access to your basic information and to perform requests on your behalf.

    Gong requires this access to read data (Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Opportunity History, Field History tables, Task, Organization table and so on) using REST API. If you want to push calls or tasks into Salesforce, the app requires write permissions for these objects.

    Next time you open this page in Gong, you'll see the version installed and if there's a newer version available.

  4. Click Manage Salesforce fields to manage which fields to import to Gong.

    Refer to the following articles for info:

  5. Select the Salesforce currency amount field you want to appear as the deal value in Gong.

  6. If you are set up to use multiple currencies in Salesforce, select We use multiple currencies.

    View deals, rollup your pipeline, and forecast in a single converted corporate currency when your org sells in different currencies. Learn more.


    When you switch to multiple currencies, we convert all deal values into your default corporate currency, including for past closed deals. Therefore, this action cannot be reversed.

  7. In the Activity association area, toggle Use contact roles to ON to let Gong use Salesforce's Contact Role field when associating conversations to opportunities automatically.

    Go here to learn more about automatic association.

  8. If you want to see your Gong data in Salesforce, you can manage installation and settings in the Export to Salesforce area.

    Go here for more information.

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