Forecast analytics dashboards
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Forecast analytics dashboards

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Who's this for? Revenue Ops, Business Admin

Who can do this? Anyone with a forecast license can view the analytics dashboard for each line of business. To edit a dashboard, you must have "Manage forecast settings" permissions (as assigned by your admin in your permission profile).

Where to go? Deals > Analytics

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

Key business metrics, at a glance

Review progress, set strategies, and align teams at the business line level.

Start your recurring revenue meetings by looking at your overall sales performance across multiple reports in one handy view. Dashboards show reports in widgets, such as:

  • Forecast rollup for the selected and following periods

  • Forecast and pipeline trends

  • Highest-value deals and highest-value deals at risk

  • Changes by forecast category

We automatically create a dashboard for each business line, with no additional setup needed.

Actions on the dashboard

These actions can be taken by anyone viewing the dashboard.

Filter the dashboard

  • Change the team and period at the top of the board.

See additional data

  • Hover over report widgets to see additional information about the report.

  • In the Trends widget, select whose forecasts and categories to show.

  • In the highest-value deals and highest-value deals at risk widgets, change forecast category at the top of the widget.

Go to the full report

  • Click the report name to go to the full report page.

Customize widgets

Forecast admins can select which data points are shown per widget for all viewers. Changes apply to the current dashboard only.

Widgets can be edited as follows:

Forecast for selected and next period widgets

  • Click , and select the forecast board columns you want to show in the widget (maximum 6).

Trends widget

  • Click , and change the base period for the trends shown.

Highest-value deals and highest-value deals at risk widgets

These widgets cannot be customized.

Pipeline changes widget

  • Click , and change the timeframe shown.

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