Troubleshooting: Missing activities
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Troubleshooting: Missing activities

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If you've noticed that activities are missing from the activity timeline, this article will help you troubleshoot the issue causing this.

As a team member or manager

The only issue that's potentially in your control is that the deal owner hasn't connected their calendar & email provider. This case is relevant only for organizations where the provider is connected "user-by-user".

For all other issues, contact your Gong admin, and refer them to this article.

How to fix:

  • If you are the deal owner:

    You will have received an email with instructions to connect your calendar & email. Locate this email, and follow the steps to connect. If you can't find the email, contact your Gong admin and ask them to resend it.

  • If you're not the deal owner:

    Remind the deal owner to connect their calendar & email.

As a Gong technical admin

Run through the following checklist to find the issue that's preventing all activities from appearing:

  1. Check the individual has a seat

    Go to Company Settings > Team members and locate the relevant person. In the Seats column, make sure that the "G" is green Gong-seat.png.

    How to fix:

    • Click team-member-settings.png next to the relevant person, and in the Seats section, give them the Professional or Enterprise seat.

      Save your changes and verify that the "G" is now green .

  2. Check the individual's data capture settings

    Data capture settings determine who to import calls, calendar events, and emails, and record web conferences for. When data capture settings are turned off for the deal owner or other internal participants, deal activities may be missed.

    How to fix:

    • Go to Company Settings > Team members and locate the relevant person. In their settings, make sure that data capture for their calls, web conferences, calendar, and email are turned on, as applicable in your organization. Go here for more info.

  3. Check your company's calendar & email provider connection

    How to fix:

    Go to Company Settings > Google Workspace or Office 365 (depending on your integration).

    1. Check there's an active connection

      Go here for instructions on how to connect: Google Workspace | Microsoft Office 365

    2. Check the import settings

      Check that calendar emails and emails are set to be imported according to your company policy.

  4. Resend the welcome email

    If your setup is a user-by-user connection to the calendar and email provider, and everything else is in order (as you verified in step 3), then the issue could be that the individual didn't connect their calendar and email to Gong.

    Resend the welcome mail which includes instructions on how they can connect their calendar and email to Gong.

    How to fix:

    • Go to Company Settings > Team members and locate the relevant person.

    • Click their name, and in the settings panel, click More-menu.png > Send a welcome email.

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