Transcribe a call in the correct language
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Transcribe a call in the correct language

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Gong identifies the language that was spoken on a call. If the language is incorrectly identified, or if multiple languages were spoken in a call and you want the transcript to reflect a different language than the one reflected in the transcript, reprocess the call from the call page.

To do this, click Button____1_.png in the top right corner, select Transcribe call in correct language and select which language you want the transcript to be in.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Reprocessing can only be done within 90 days of the call recording.

  • Reprocessing can take up to 1 hour, during which time the call is unavailable.

  • Transcribing the call in a different language is not translation. For select languages, it is possible to translate the transcript into English. For more, see this.

  • After a call is reprocessed, Gong reapplies its analysis to the call, and related insights will be based on the new language.

  • If you see that Gong is consistently misidentifying your call languages, contact Gong support

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