Tips for recording calls
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Tips for recording calls

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Once you're set up to have your web conferences recorded by Gong, and depending on your organization settings, we either send a bot to join and record the call, or leverage native recording (where the provider records the call and we import it into Gong).

Here are some tips to help ensure that your calls are recorded successfully:

Tips for all calls

  • Make sure that at least one meeting attendee is set to record. This way, Gong knows the call should be recorded.

  • Schedule your meeting at least 30 minutes in advance.

    • This leaves enough time for Gong to scan and analyze your calendar event in order to schedule the recording.

    • For last-minute or unplanned meetings, or for calendar event updates, add the Gong bot manually. See Record an impromptu call

  • Include a valid web conferencing URL in the calendar event. Gong needs this to join the meeting. Avoid adding the URL to an event at the last minute, as this may not allow enough time for Gong to scan and analyze the event update.

  • In your web conference provider settings, make sure all participants are allowed to enter meetings via web browser. If you block this ability, Gong won't be able to record any meetings.

  • Don’t mark the event you want to record as ‘Private’ on your calendar. Marking an event ‘Private’ on your calendar hides the meeting details from Gong, so Gong can’t join the meeting.

  • Make sure Gong has access to your meeting room. If you use a waiting room, make sure you allow the Gong bot into the meeting. If your meeting is password protected, make sure Gong has the password.

  • Always start your meetings on time. Gong may not record the meeting if it doesn't start at the designated time.

  • Don’t decline a calendar event if you are the organizer. If you do, Gong will not pick up the event for recording.

  • To record meetings hosted by someone outside of your organization, use the assistant. See Record meetings with [email protected]

  • Be mindful of your org’s recording settings. Confirm with your tech admin whether your org records both internal and external meetings, or external meetings only.

  • Know your org's consent settings. If consent is enabled or enforced in your organization, make sure you schedule meetings in the correct way to capture consent. When enforced, failure to do so will mean that your calls aren't recorded. For more information, contact your Gong admin.

  • If you are the call owner and need to leave the call, assign someone else as host. Gong keeps recording until the end of a meeting, even if you leave earlier. Note that for some providers, you may need to assign someone else as the call host in order to not stop the meeting (and therefore the recording) when you leave.

  • Quick troubleshooting: If it looks like you aren't being recorded:

    • Check My Settings to make sure that there's a green checkmark next to your name.

    • Have your tech admin check that you are set up to record in Company Settings > Team Members. There should be a green microphone icon in your row.

    To resolve recording issues, check out this wizard, or go to this troubleshooting page.

  • Limit the length of your meetings to 7 hours or less. Due to technical restrictions, Gong cannot process calls that last more than seven hours. If you need to record meeting longer than seven hours see here for our recommendations.

Tips for Zoom calls

To see the speaker alongside the shared screen when calls are brought into Gong, do the following:

  1. In Zoom, go to your account settings and go to the Settings > Recording tab.

  2. Select Record thumbnails when sharing.


If you typically record to your computer and later upload to Gong, in the Zoom app, you can achieve the same effect via your Zoom app Settings > Recording and select Record video during screen sharing and Place video next to the shared screen in the recording.

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