Set up a permission profile
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Set up a permission profile

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Where to go: Click Company settings > Permission profiles

Who's this for: TA_1.png

Create a permission profile

  1. In the Permission profiles, click ADD PROFILE.

  2. Give the new profile a name and description.

  3. Define the permission settings for the profile.

    Go here for details on each of the available settings.

  4. Click ADD PROFILE.

  5. If you want this profile to be assigned to new team members by default, click the actions menu next to the profile, and select Set as default.

Duplicate a permission profile

Duplicate profiles as a shortcut to creating a new profile with minor differences to an existing profile.

  1. In the Permission profiles page, hover over the By column of the profile you want to duplicate and click Button____1_.png > Dulpicate.

  2. Create a new profile name and description, and make the desired changes.

Assign the permission profile to a team or team member

Once you have set up your permission profiles, you can assign them either to individual team members or to a team. For details see Add or edit team members or Change team settings.

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