Review your team coaching needs
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Review your team coaching needs

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Who's this for: Frontline managers

Where to go: Coaching > Coaching Inbox


Use the inbox to review your recent coaching and decide who needs your coaching next. Dig into when and how your recent coaching activity was distributed, including when you last gave feedback, and any open requests (places where your team members have asked for feedback) per team member. You can also find calls to review per person by jumping to a filtered list of recorded calls including deal info where you can further filter for coaching, such as calls without feedback or with interaction alerts.

Note that the inbox shows coaching activity:

Using the coaching inbox

  1. Go to Coaching > Coaching Inbox

  2. Frontline managers, you'll see your team in the coaching inbox by default.

    If you're looking for a specific team: at the top of the page, search for and select the manager whose team you want to see.

  3. Use filters to limit the types of calls displayed.

    Team members are listed according to the amount feedback given, with the following information:

    • Coaching activity: See how active you were attending or listening to each rep's calls, and see how many of those calls you gave feedback on. Learn about types of feedback.

    • Last attended/listened: See when you last attended or listened to a call. Data is updated once a day

    • Last feedback: See when you last gave feedback over the last 30 days. "-" means that you haven't given any feedback yet

    • Open requests: See the number of feedback requests over the last 30 days.

      When you respond to a feedback request, either by commenting on a call, replying to a comment you were tagged in, scoring the call, or marking as feedback given, the request is considered closed.

    • Recorded calls: Find calls to coach on, in a filtered list optimized for coaching

      "No recorded calls" indicates the team member is new, or not set to be recorded.

      Calls that the rep requested feedback on are pinned to the top of the calls list.

      From this page, click GO TO CALL to listen to, review, and give feedback on a call.

  4. If you're viewing a team that's not your own, select Show my coaching to see where you coached members of the team you're viewing.Using the coaching inbox

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