Record a web conference call
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Record a web conference call

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Recording web conference calls with Gong's AI technology provides valuable data and insights for improving team productivity. Ensure proper setup for recording and calendar import. Gong automatically joins and records scheduled meetings, with options to stop recording if needed. For recurring meetings, Gong can be added to the invite for automatic recording. Edits to recurring meetings are covered, and changes are communicated via email. Users can manually schedule recordings through the Gong homepage by entering call details and invitee information. Gong enhances meeting efficiency by capturing and analyzing important discussions.

Recording web conference calls enables you to make the most of every meeting. Gong applies AI to your recorded calls, giving you data and insights that change how you and your team work. Once you’ve recorded a call, you can re-listen to critical parts, prep for future calls, catch up if you missed the call, coach others, get feedback, and more.

Before you begin

  1. Review these tips for recording web conference calls.

  2. Double-check that you're set up for web conference recording and calendar import:

    • Go to My Settings, and make sure there's a green checkmark in the Web conferencing section.

    • (Optional) Make sure there's also a green checkmark in the Emails and calendar section next to All calendar events you organize with CRM contacts are imported

    If either of these are not set up and you think they should be, talk to your tech admin.

Record a scheduled call

Below is a common workflow for setting up calls to be recorded. The actual workflow may vary depending on your web conferencing and calendar providers.


If your org is set up to record with native Zoom recording, read this article.

  1. In your calendar, set up the meeting in the usual way:

    • Add the participants

    • Select date and time

  2. Add web conferencing in the usual way (unless otherwise instructed by your admin).


    If you don't want Gong to record the meeting, set the meeting to Private. If you're not sure, you can stop the recording during the call.If this is a recurring meeting and your calendar is not synced with Gong, add the Gong assistant as a participant. Learn more

  3. Save the meeting in your calendar.

What happens next

Gong knows about the meeting, checks to make sure it meets your company's recording settings, and is set to join and record it when the meeting starts. Recording settings are set by your admin, and they govern which calls can be recorded. For example, it could be that your org only records calls with at least one invitee from outside your company.

Your tech admin can help you understand your company's policies. If you need to record an internal call, see this.

When the meeting starts

Start your meeting in the usual way. You'll notice that either a Gong bot (often named "Gong recorder" or similar) has joined the meeting as a participant, or that the meeting is being recorded automatically.

  • If Gong doesn't join the call, or if the call was arranged at the last minute, see Record an impromptu call.

  • If you need to stop the recording during a call, see this.

Record recurring meetings

If your calendar is synced with Gong, your recurring meetings will be picked up and recorded by Gong, no further action required. If your calendar isn't synced, make sure Gong is added to the meeting invite.

What you should know

  • Any edits you make to the series, including changing or cancelling a meeting or the entire series, will be covered.

  • We'll let you know by email of Gong's knowledge for the changes you make, including how the change will be handled.


    Recording for recurring meetings is also supported for customers using forwarding rules instead of calendar sync, and for those using the custom calendar add-in.

Schedule a new recording in Gong

You can manually schedule a meeting from the Gong homepage. Here's how:

  1. Locate and copy the meeting URL in your web conferencing system.

  2. Go to your homepage, and in the Conversations section, click More-menu.png and select Schedule new recording.

  3. Enter the details for the new recording:


    If you are scheduling the call for Now, it may take up to 10 minutes for the bot to join.

    • Set the call recording to start Now for calls that have already started, or Later for calls starting in the future.

    • Enter the URL of the conference call.

    • Add a description or title of the call.

    • Add the names and email addresses of other invitees, so that the call can be associated with the correct account or opportunity after cross-checking with your CRM.

  4. Click Schedule call.

  5. Gong will join when the call starts.

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