Gong Forecast and your CRM
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Gong Forecast and your CRM

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Gong Forecast relies on your CRM for setting up the forecast categories your org uses to forecast.

Currently, Gong Forecast works with Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs only.

CRM fields for forecasting

When setting up your forecast boards, you need to set the CRM fields and values that represent actuals, open deals, and forecast categories in your org.


Needed from your CRM


Target attainment

CRM field you use to measure actuals (actual sales)

  • Stage

Pipeline coverage

CRM field that represents open deals in the pipeline

  • Deal status

Forecast category, per category

CRM field you use for categories

  • Forecast category

It's likely that you already import these fields and use them in your deal boards.

Other deal-related CRM fields

Gong Forecast uses other deal-related fields to show deal information related to your target, pipeline, and forecast categories.

We recommend the following fields:

  • Amount

  • Close date

  • Deal owner

  • Opportunity type

Again, these fields are likely to already be used in your deal boards and Account pages.

Make sure your CRM fields are imported

If you don't see a CRM field, ask your Gong admin to make sure it's imported.

Instructions on how to do so can be found at these links:

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