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Learn in the Academy

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Live training

Attend a Getting Started training to see what a day in the life using Gong should look like for your role and how doing so will help you and/or your team close more deals. These live virtual sessions will ensure you leave with a rich understanding of best in class workflows. Go here for more information: https://academy.gong.io/page/live-training

Self paced paths

Explore Gong anytime you like by completing one of our self-paced, learning paths. These paths combine core assets and videos covering Gong's key sales workflows and best practices into one location to help get you up-and-running. It's recommended that you complete the appropriate learning path prior to attending a live training session. Go here for more information: https://academy.gong.io/page/all-courses#how-do-you-want-to-learn_self-paced-learning-path

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