Welcome to Gong!
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Welcome to Gong!

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Gong's Reality platform helps salespeople improve by capturing and analyzing customer interactions to provide insights for success. It enhances selling skills, boosts deal closure rates, and accelerates ramp-up time. Users can access calls, emails, and opportunities in one place, gaining visibility into deal progress and engagement levels. The platform empowers sales teams to excel, take control of the sales process, and impress managers with quick deal closures. Gong's technology transforms sales performance and ensures continuous improvement in customer interactions.

Unlock Reality TM

Welcome to Gong - The Reality platform®. We’re here to help you become a fierce salesperson.

Gong captures your customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email, understands what was said in these interactions, and delivers insights to Unlock Reality and help your team win.

Gong helps you transform your selling skills and close more deals. It automatically captures and analyzes your sales conversations so you can make every call better than your last one and bring more deals to a close.

Key benefits

  • Transform your selling skills - take yourself from good to great.

  • Navigate your deals to a successful close - be in charge of the process and get those deals to the final post.

  • Ramp up lightning fast. Shock and awe your manager with how fast you're pulling in deals.

  • See calls, emails, and business opportunities in one place, and use the insights to close the deal.

  • Gain at-a-glance visibility into the people aspect of a deal or account. See who's involved, how many people are engaged, and their engagement level, to make sure deals stay on track.

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