Intro to the account page
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Intro to the account page

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See account activities and CRM data in one place, and navigate through time to understand communication per prospect.


lightbulb-icon.png Click the image to make it larger.

Find it

  • From a call page, click the company icon company_icon.png, and then click go-to-account-page.png next to the account name.


  • Enter the account name in the omni-search bar at the top, and click the result that contains the company icon company_icon.png.

Account activity at your fingertips

The account page centralizes all deal activity across each account.

Sales teams can use the account page to:

  • Keep deals on track - Identify unresponsive or neglected accounts and customer concerns and make informed decisions.

  • Gauge engagement - Know who's involved in the deal, their level of engagement, and whether the right people are active

  • Prepare ahead - Review every previous interaction and review any comments made by your team all along the sales journey - starting with your initial emails and SDR calls.

  • Nail team selling and multi-threading - Keep team members in sync. Your team sees every conversation with the account, and can easily comment on a specific activity, or on the account.

    For example, if a customer asks for technical help or raises concerns, it's easy to respond as a team with a shared view of every interaction.

Customer success teams can use the account page to:

  • Guarantee successful handoffs - Review every previous interaction that happened with the sales team. It’s the ultimate way to get ready for a kickoff or onboarding session.

  • Resolve customer problems faster - Share customer emails so everyone on your team can see their questions, support requests, and product feedback.

  • Reduce churn - Identify unresponsive or neglected accounts and customer concerns. Make more informed decisions to win them back.

Focus on what you need

Make it easier to browse account activities by applying some filters.


lightbulb-icon.png Click the image to make it larger.

  • See a particular deal - refine the view to focus on a particular deal/opportunity

    • Next to the account name, click Select a deal to see all deals and opportunities for this account from your CRM, and select one to see activities for it.

  • Find where something in particular was mentioned - easily find important parts of a deal, and see the context of what's being said.

    • Enter a word or phrase in the Search text box and press RETURN.

      All matching snippets are shown in the activity list, with your search term highlighted.

  • See activity by a particular person - Focus on communication you've had with a particular contact, or activities by a certain person on your team

    1. Click Filter by person and search by name or role.

    2. Select the person.

  • Focus on calls - Narrow the activities shown in the timeline and activity list to calls only by toggling Calls only to ON.

  • More actions - Click Button____1_.png to access more options:

    • Open the account in your CRM

    • Open in Clari (when your org has a Clari integration)

    • Review the account status

      See when you last had contact with the customer, and the main topics discussed, and when the next call is planned. From the status popup, you can drill into the details, go to calls, and see other stats.

Activity over time

The account timeline shows you account activity in two tracks: your activity (purple) and the account's activity (pink), going from the beginning of time (when the account was created) to 12 weeks ahead.

The activity bubbles represent calls, emails, CRM updates (such as when a deal moves forward or is stalled at one stage), and engagement events, such as when shared calls were viewed, and other activities, depending on integrations you have with Gong. The larger the bubble, the more activity there was.


lightbulb-icon.png Click the image to make it larger.

  • See activity per person - Expand each track to see a list of who's active, and when


Hover over a name to see a full description of the person, including their title and email address, and a shortcut to their entry in your CRM

  • Travel through time - Use the nav arrows to move backwards and forwards through the timeline

  • Show by month, quarter, or year - Zoom in and out quickly for easier navigation

  • See activity for a particular day - Click a bubble on the timeline to populate the activity list with activities for that time

Learn more about activity.

Drill down

The area below the timeline is divided into two panes.


lightbulb-icon.png Click the image to make it larger.

Each activity card in the activity list gives an overview of the activity. Click a card to see more detailed information per activity in the right pane.


We label emails according to subject matter: Pricing, +Contact info, Scheduling, Out of Office notice, and Not interested. This helps you scan the emails and focus your attention on what's important.

Expand and collapse the comments comment-icon.png to see comments on the account.

Add comments

There are a couple of ways to leave a comment:

To comment on an activity:

  • On the activity details in the right pane, click Button____1_.png > Add comment.

To comment on the account:

  • In the comments panel, add a comment, and set the date and visibility of it. When done, click send_comment.png.

If you make a comment, you're automatically subscribed to notifications for further comments on the account. Control your subscription via the image_4__1_.png icon.

See also

For details on what to do if you expect to see an email and it isn't there, see Troubleshooting: Where's my email?.

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