Integrating Gong data with Snowflake
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Integrating Gong data with Snowflake

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Tech admins can access and utilize analytical data from Gong through a Snowflake database. This data can be shared with employees who don't use Gong and integrated with systems like Salesforce. To connect Gong to Snowflake, provide account details in Gong, set up the database in Snowflake, and wait for confirmation. Enter Snowflake credentials, account locator, region, and admin email in Gong settings. Supported regions include various AWS, Azure, and GCP regions. Once the connection is confirmed, run a command query in Snowflake. This process allows access to Gong data for analytics and reporting.

Who can do this? Tech admin

Your Gong data contains a rich set of analytical data which you may want to utilize for your own analytics and reporting. The data is available to you in a Snowflake database which you can connect to using Snowflake Secure Sharing. Once connected, you can make the data available to employees who don't use Gong, and allow integrative analysis with other systems such as Salesforce. You must have a Snowflake data warehouse in order to access the Gong Snowflake database.

Connect Gong to Snowflake

To connect Gong to Snowflake, you need to provide your account details in Gong, wait for the connection to be confirmed and then set up the database in Snowflake.

To set up the integration in Gong:

  1. Click Company settings > Data Cloud > Snowflake.

  2. Enter your Snowflake credentials:

    • Account locator: the identifier for the Snowflake account you want Gong data to be available from.

    • Account region: available from your Snowflake admin. If the account region is not included in the list, the region is not currently supported. You can ask us to add the region and we will let you know when your region is supported.

      Supported regions are:

      • AWS ap_south_1

      • AWS ap-southeast-1

      • AWS ap-southeast-2

      • AWS ca-central-1

      • AWS eu-central-1

      • AWS us-east-1

      • AWS us-east-2

      • AWS us-west-2

      • AWS eu-west-1

      • AWS eu-west-2

      • AWS eu_west_3

      • AZURE azwestus2

      • AZURE centralus

      • AZURE europewest

      • AZURE northeurope

      • AZURE useast2

      • GCP europe-west4

      • GCP us-central1 

    • Snowflake admin email (optional): the email address of the Snowflake administrator in your company. We will send instructions to be done in Snowflake to complete the integration to this email address.

  3. Click Connect. It may take a few hours to complete the connection. You and your Snowflake admin will get an email when the connection is complete.

  4. Once the connection is confirmed, generate the command query and run it.


    By running this query, you are agreeing to Snowflake's terms and conditions.

    use role accountadmin;
    set database_name = 'GONG';
    show shares like '%GONG%';
    //Generates the command
    SELECT 'CREATE DATABASE ' || $database_name || ' FROM SHARE ' || "owner_account" || '.' || * ' 
    The generated command: 

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