FAQs for hosting a call recorded by Zoom
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FAQs for hosting a call recorded by Zoom

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How do I schedule and conduct a meeting?

It’s simple! Just schedule a Zoom meeting.

If you work on Google Chrome, we recommend you avoid using the Zoom Chrome extension which may interfere with cloud recording. Install and use the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on instead.

Here's a crude sketch of which one to pick - the one that says Add video conferencing:


If your company previously used the Gong add-on, no need to use it anymore. Use the Zoom calendar add-on instead.

How can I make sure last-minute meetings (or updates) still get recorded?

Gong picks up ad hoc scheduled calls for native zoom recording the same way it does for bot recording. You can create and/or update a meeting at the last minute in one of the following ways, before or when the meeting starts:

  • Create or update the meeting in your calendar

  • Schedule the meeting manually on the Gong homepage

  • Add the Gong assistant to the meeting invite. (If using Outlook, forward the meeting invite as an attachment.)

When you join the meeting, check that it is being recorded. If not, start recording yourself by selecting Record to the cloud. Gong will retrieve the recording and analyze it when the meeting ends.

If I schedule back-to-back meetings, how do I make sure Gong knows when one meeting ends and the next one starts?

If scheduling back-to-backs, for example, when using your personal Zoom meeting room (Personal Meeting ID), stop recording and restart it when transitioning between meetings. This enables Gong to associate the separate recordings to the relevant meeting.

I joined a meeting and found out that I cannot control the recording. What do I do?

Check the participant list to see whether someone else is the host, and request from them co-host rights. If it looks like no one is a host, you may be signed out of Zoom. Claim yourself as the host with your host key, or sign in to Zoom and try again. For further information, refer to this Zoom support article.

I stopped the recording in Zoom. Where's my recording?

If your org is using native Zoom recording and you stopped the recording, the meeting has not been recorded by Zoom, and therefore will not be pulled into Gong.

Be careful that you don't stop the recording via Zoom, unless you're absolutely positive that you don't want the call to be recorded. Meetings that aren't recorded can't be pulled into Gong later.

Will all my Zoom calls get recorded?

When Zoom recording is enabled, Gong initiates Zoom recording for meetings and retrieves the relevant recordings based on your org's recording and privacy settings in Gong.

What happens if we have reps scheduling meetings on behalf of others. Whose link should be used?

Let's say you have a team of SDRs that schedule meetings on behalf of AEs. If an SDR schedules the meeting for the AE and does not plan to attend, they should use the AE's personal Zoom link.

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