Enable voice identification
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Enable voice identification

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Where to go: Company Settings > Data capture > Data protection & Privacy.

Voice identification lets Gong identify team members by voice on mono telephony calls, and when they can't be identified any other way. This allows for better speaker identification and more accurate interaction stats, more precise speaker attribution in transcripts, and better accuracy when searching for calls.

After you’ve enabled Voice identification at the company level, team members must opt into it via their My Settings page.

For your convenience, you'll find an email template in the Voice identification section that you can use to notify your team members.

For more information on how Gong identifies team members on calls, see this.

How to enable voice identification for your company

  1. Click Company Settings > Data capture > Data protection & privacy.

  2. Under Voice identification, click Enable.

  3. Once enabled, team members must opt in individually via their My Settings page. They’ll see the following popup the next time they enter Gong:

Every user must opt in to this feature independently. It can't be done on a team or company level by the admin.

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