Create a call status report
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Create a call status report

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Use this report to track the status of your company calls.

  • View how many calls were recorded, skipped, or canceled during a specific timeframe.

  • Track which calls are being recorded as expected, or if there are missed calls due to a training or technical issues.

  • Filter the report based on a specific team and timeframe.

  • Generate a report for large teams (200+ people).

  • Calculate the consent opt-out rate. See recipe.

Call status report contents

This report contains the following information:

  • Number of calls that were completed, canceled, missed, or skipped

  • Reason why a call was missed or not recorded


    See this article for a details on skip codes

  • Date and time call started

  • Call ID and call title

  • Name and email address of call host and team manager

  • Call provider

  • Consent page usage

How to create a call status report


Only business admins and tech admins can create Call status reports.

  1. Click Company Settings > Reports > Call status.

  2. In the popup that opens, choose which team's calls you want the report to cover, and select the timeframe.

  3. Click Email Report to receive an email containing a self-expiring link to the report.

    • This link is valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the link expires, and the report is no longer available for downloading.

    • Data from the previous 24 hours might not appear in the report.

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