Call length limitations
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Call length limitations

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Gong can process calls that are up to 7 hours long. If you're planning a call that will be more than 7 hours long, here are some ways you can handle it:

  • Create two back-to-back meetings, each less than 7 hours long.

  • If you were unable to create two separate meetings and recorded your call in another platform, you can do the following:

    • Download the media file to your computer.

    • Split the recording into parts, each less than 7 hours long:

      • If the call was recorded using Zoom native recording, you may be able to download the call from Zoom’s website. Refer to Zoom's guide on downloading cloud recordings for more instructions. Zoom provides .MP4 files which can be edited using QuickTime Player (for MacOS) or using one of Microsoft's video editing solutions (for Windows).

      • You may also be able to use your computer’s native editing software, or 3rd party software like Audacity or Adobe, to split the recording into multiple parts.

    • Once you've created separate files of less than 7 hours each, you can upload them individually to Gong.

    • If you can't upload the call to Gong, contact your tech admin for assistance. There may be a permission setting in your organization preventing this. Learn more about permissions.


Calls that are manually uploaded to Gong don't have speaker identification. Speakers are listed as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, and so on.

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