Access Gong Conversation in Salesforce
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Access Gong Conversation in Salesforce

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After you install the Gong for Salesforce app, you can see data about calls within Salesforce in the Gong Conversation custom object.

Using Gong Conversation

When in Salesforce, click on the top left of the Salesforce homepage and select Gong Conversation. Following are a few of the available screens.


See the topics covered, how much time was spent on each topic, any action items and how often each tracker was mentioned.


Click a topic or tracker to drill down to more details.


Click a stat to see more details.


This doesn’t only provide the full transcript, it also tells you where in the call each topic was covered.

Access Gong Dashboards

When in Salesforce, click  on the top left of the Salesforce home page and select Dashboards. In the Dashboards tab select All Folders and then click Gong Dashboards.

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