Using the Gong for Salesforce app
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Using the Gong for Salesforce app

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  1. In Salesforce, click on the top left of the Salesforce homepage, select

  2. Go to Conversations and then select a conversation to display the Call Highlights tab.

Highlights tab

See which Topics are covered and the amount of time spent on each Topic. Check out action items and how often each Tracker is mentioned.

Details tab

See the General Details, Call Details, Opportunity State at the time of the call.

Content tab

See related content like scorecards, topics, trackers or the structure of a call. Only public scorecards are displayed.

Interaction tab

Click a Stat to display more details.

Transcript tab

See a full transcription of your call and check out exactly where each Topic is mentioned.

Gong Dashboards

Dashboards and reports can be difficult to define in Salesforce. For information about creating dashboards and reports, see: Dashboards and Reports

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