About Gong for Salesforce data model & structure
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About Gong for Salesforce data model & structure

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Data model

The Gong for Salesforce app ships with 12 custom objects.

The main custom object is Gong Conversation, describing all the main details of the conversation, from the conversation title to the date, duration, scope etc.

The additional 11 child objects represent many other elements of the conversation; trackers, topics, notes, invitees, structure, participants, interaction stats, related accounts, related contacts, related leads, and related opportunities.


These child objects are created once the conversation record is pushed to Salesforce, and a trigger is fired to generate the child objects out of JSON structured data that resides within some of the conversation custom fields. The result is a rich perspective on each conversation, which can be very insightful in the single conversation, but can also provide more general critical insights. For example, who are your main competitors? How frequently are they mentioned during the sales journey? And how successful is your company when compared to these competitors?


Data structure

The Gong platform and the Gong for Salesforce app provide useful information which is structured into Salesforce, enriching your data, and giving you the insights you need to make better decisions and close more deals.

This article covers the data structure that the Gong for Salesforce app creates with each conversation.

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