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This article explains how to connect to Zendesk with the goal of creating support tickets from call transcripts. Additional information is available on our Zendesk integration page.


This article does not cover the Gong integration with the Zendesk telephony system. For details on the Zendesk telephony system integration, go here.

Enable your team to send support tickets for your in-house support team directly from call transcripts in Gong to streamline your overhead, and enable support to listen to customers outlining the issue they face in person.

How to connect


You must be an admin in both Gong and Zendesk to complete the setup.

  1. In Zendesk, obtain a Zendesk API token by following these instructions:


  2. On the Zendesk integration page, click Install.

    You are redirected to Gong's Zendesk integration settings page.

  3. Enter the email address of the person who got the token, your Zendesk instance name, and the token with the “/token” suffix.

  4. Test the connection works.

  5. Click UPDATE.

All that's left to do is to let your teams know they can now open a support ticket to Zendesk!


What are the advantages of connecting Gong to Zendesk?

Enable your team to create support tickets for customer issues directly from call transcripts in Gong to cut down overhead in work processes, and make sure your support team gets to hear your customer’s problem in their own words. The created ticket links back to the call.

What should I do after I connect Gong to Zendesk?

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