View calls with skipped recordings
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View calls with skipped recordings

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Sometimes calls are set up to be recorded, but the recording doesn't happen, either for technical reasons, because of actions the host takes, or other reasons. Gong shows notifications about skipped recordings in various locations, and provides insights about why the recording was missed.

Where to find calls that weren't recorded

Navigate to any of these pages to view skipped recordings and understand why they were missed:


Skipped recordings are shown on the homepage for 2 weeks after the calls take place.

  1. On the Home page, in the Conversations section, click more.png, and make sure Show skipped calls is selected.

  2. Hover over the Not recorded area to see the reason the call was not recorded.

Activity page

  1. Locate the event and team member you want to check.

  2. Click the and view the explanation.

Deals page

View skipped recording notifications in various locations in the Deals pages, for example when reviewing account information and deal activity.

Troubleshoot skipped recordings

Go here for information about how to handle missed recordings.

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