Forecast reminders
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Forecast reminders

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Tell us when forecast is due (Cadence in Forecast settings), and we'll take care of reminding your team. If you're forecasting for more than one business line, you'll get a reminder for each. Reminders are sent at the designated time, according to your company timezone.

Forecast page notifications

The following notifications appear in Deals > Forecast:





  • Yellow clock icon over the Forecast tab

  • Yellow notification inside the Forecast tab header

Appears 24 hours before the "forecast due" time, and disappears when numbers have been updated

Slack notifications

We send the following Slack notifications for each forecast board:





A reminder that it's time to forecast

1 hour before the "forecast due" time

Frontline managers

A summary of their direct reports' forecast. The summary indicates who has updated (completed) their numbers, and who has not

2 hours after the "forecast due" time

Managers of frontline managers

A summary of their direct reports' forecast - meaning frontline managers and quota-carrying individual contributors

2 hours after the "forecast due" time

Individuals can manage the Slack notification in their notification settings.

Tip: Have an issue with a Gong Forecast Slack notification? Troubleshoot it

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