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Use Whisper

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Whisper for interaction stats

Once Whisper has been set up by your business admin, you’ll see recommendations on the Insights > Team page. Select Interaction to see the metrics displayed in different tabs.

If you don’t want to receive recommendations for a metric, click the toggle.

If you want to change the criteria, click What’s This? to open the tooltip and see the criteria. Then click the Change Criteria link at the bottom of the tooltip.

For each metric, you see how each team member performed. When Whisper is set up, you also see if your team performed within the recommended range.

To the right of each team member’s metric, you can see if they were within the recommended range (a green dot), or outside the range (a yellow dot).

To see recommendations for individual team members, click their name. This shows all the call interaction stats for that team member.

You'll also get recommendations in your call summary emails, for example:

Understand the Whisper for Topics Recommendations

The left tab shows recommendations for the whole team, whereas the right tab shows recommendations for individual team members that need them.

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