Troubleshooting your Salesforce integration
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Troubleshooting your Salesforce integration

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Some common issues and their solutions are listed here. See also FAQs for Salesforce integration.

Got an error when installing Gong for Salesforce


To use the Gong for Salesforce app, please upgrade your Salesforce to the Enterprise edition.

Currently, you must have Salesforce for Enterprise to install and use with the Gong app. If you have the Professional edition of Salesforce, you'll see the following errors when you try to install the Gong for Salesforce app:

  • Missing Feature Apex

  • Classes & Triggers

If you already have Salesforce for Enterprise and receive an error while installing the Gong app, contact Gong Support.

Our Salesforce account user doesn't have API access

If an error message appears when you try to connect your Salesforce account to Gong, this usually means that Gong can't access your Salesforce organization's API. To resolve this, ask your Salesforce account manager to give you temporary API access to load all users. If you have any other problems connecting your Salesforce account, contact Gong Support.

Our Gong users can't connect to a third-party application

Make sure those users have access in Salesforce to the 3rd-party apps you use. If not, contact your Salesforce admin.

Our Gong users can't see the fields we use

Make sure those users have access in Salesforce to the fields you use. If not, contact your Salesforce admin.

Why can't I see a tracker (or tracker's phrase) in Salesforce?

In Gong, Check the tracker settings:

  1. Go to your company settings page > Optimize Analysis > Trackers, and click Edit next to the relevant tracker.

  2. In the Select where you want to use this tracker section, make sure that CRM Call objects is selected.

  3. To see the tracker's phrase, make sure that Separate phrases is selected.

More info: Add or edit a tracker

Conversation highlight and transcript issues

Who can do this? Salesforce admins

If you're unable to view the Conversation Highlights or Transcript of a conversation due to an error (500 or 404) please follow these steps to enable Canvas Pages in the Conversation Object.

  1. In Salesforce, click the Setup tab and select App Manager in the panel on the left.

  2. Locate the Gong Canvas App entry. Click the down arrow to the far right and select Manage.

  3. In the Gong Canvas App connected app page, select Edit Policies.

  4. In the Connected App Edit Policies page, under OAuth policies, switch the Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized, and click Save.

  5. Go back to the Gong Connected App page, scroll down to Manage Profiles and confirm that all the relevant Profiles are in the Profiles list.

  6. Log out and log back into Salesforce, and try to view the Conversation Highlights or Transcript again.

  7. If this still doesn't work, capture the trace ID on the error page and send it to us (submit a request to Gong Support). We'll investigate the matter further.

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