Setting up HubSpot custom fields
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Setting up HubSpot custom fields

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Where to go: Click Company Settings > HubSpot

In order to display all data you want to export to HubSpot, we need to define additional fields in the task or contact object and add them to the layout for that object. 

To set up the configuration for your custom fields:

  1. In HubSpot define the custom fields in the relevant object.

  2. Add the custom fields to the layout


It takes up to an hour for new fields to be populated in HubSpot.

The custom fields are listed according to each feature they are associated with.

To view Engage flow fields in HubSpot:

Flow data

Adds any Engage data to your tasks and contacts so that you can see which actions were done as part of a flow. By exporting Gong’s Engage data to HubSpot, you can also run Sales-engagement analysis directly in your CRM.

Field label name


Object to add field to

Field API Name

Data type

Gong flow ID

The ID of the flow the contact is in. Empty when not associated with a flow



Text (30)

Gong step attempt ID

The ID of the action that represents the step in the flow the task is associated with. For example, if a rep makes a phone call as part of a step in a flow, and they had to call 5 times before the person answered, this ID represents one of the times the rep tried to call.



Text (50)

Gong flow name

The name of the flow the contact is in



Text (100)

Gong flow status

The status of the flow the contact is in



Picklist. Options are:

  • Active

  • Paused

  • Opted Out

  • Removed

  • Completed

  • Removed Response

Gong step number

The step in the flow the contact is in



Text (10)

Gong step type

The type of step the contact is in



Text (80)

Gong step due date

The date the current task is due to be completed. For example, if the step is to make a phone call, this field shows the date the call should be made.




Gong added to flow by

The name of the Gong user who assigned the contact or lead to a flow



Text (80)

Gong currently in a flow

Indicates whether the contact or lead is currently in an Engage flow




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