Set up Gong to export conversation data to Salesforce
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Set up Gong to export conversation data to Salesforce

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Export call data

As part of your Salesforce integration, export data to Salesforce using the Gong for Salesforce app. A conversation typically creates 25-40 records in Salesforce with each record taking up to 2KB of data. Call data is periodically updated as needed, for example with new tracker data, or with call participant data that wasn't previously available. Install Gong for Salesforce, and then complete the following configuration steps:

  1. Go to Company settings > CRM > Salesforce.

  2. In the Gong for Salesforce area, select Export call data to Salesforce from, and choose when to start exporting call data from.

  3. To filter the calls you upload per workspace, click edit.png Edit, and create and save a filter (how to create a filter).

  4. By default, smart tracker data is exported to Salesforce. If you don't want to export smart trackers, clear the Export smart trackers checkbox. For more details on smart trackers, see Smart tracker FAQs.

  5. Click Update.

Export historical call data

If Gong has already exported your call data to Salesforce, for example, in a sandbox environment, re-export the data so that your official Salesforce instance includes all call data.

Keep in mind your Salesforce data storage consumption when choosing the past period. Gong for Salesforce uses a single API call to create a new Gong Conversation record, which creates approximately 25 additional child records.

  1. Go to Company settings > CRM > Salesforce and scroll down to Gong for Salesforce.

  2. Clear Export call data to Salesforce from and click Update.

    This prevents Gong from exporting any calls to Salesforce while exporting historical call data.

  3. In Salesforce, delete any Gong conversations.

  4. In Gong, in the Gong for Salesforce section of the Salesforce settings page, select Re-export historical call data to Salesforce. The Export call data to Salesforce from checkbox is automatically checked.

  5. Select the date from when to export calls (for example, if you've been working with Gong in your sandbox instance for the past 2 months, select the date you started).

  6. Click Update. Typically, it takes an overnight sync to export historical calls.

  7. Once the historical calls have been exported to Salesforce, Gong will continue to export your current calls to Salesforce.

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