Plans and seats
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Plans and seats

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Gong plans

The first step to starting with Gong is purchasing a plan. Organizations can choose from one of the following Gong plans:

  • Coaching: Includes Gong The Reality Platform®, Coaching, 3 workspaces, 10 permission profiles per workspace, 8 provisioning assignments, and standard encryption. Data is encrypted at rest using AES256 and Gong AWS KMS keys.

  • Professional: Includes everything in the Coaching plan, as well as Deals and standard encryption. In this plan, data is encrypted at rest using AES256 and Gong AWS KMS keys.

  • Enterprise: Includes everything in the Professional plan, as well as custom encryption, sandboxes, internal support URL, support for 200 workspaces, permission profiles, and provisioning assignments. In this plan, data can be encrypted with customer supplied AWS KMS keys.

It is not possible for a single organization to purchase multiple Gong plans.

Types of seats

The type of seats that can be assigned to team members depends on which plan your organization purchased. For example, if your organization purchased an Enterprise plan, the Team Members page displays Enterprise seats.

On the Team Members page, you see:

  • The number of active team members

  • Your organization's plan, the total number of available seats and the total number of assigned seats

  • The number of people configured to have various types of data (meetings, telephony calls, and more) captured

In the Seats column, the seats are color coded:

  • Green: The seat is active and paid for this team member.

  • Gray: The seat has not been assigned to the team member. A team member with no seats assigned is a collaborator. Collaborators have limited access to Gong capabilities and their seats are free.

Seat allocation and allotment: Assign seats to each team member based on the functionality they will be using. Certain permissions and data capture capabilities may require a seat. You can give permissions or turn on data capture, without assigning a seat, but they will only be available for the team member once the correct seat is assigned.

Buying Gong seats

If you assign more seats to team members than you have available, you'll be prompted to buy more seats.

To add seats manually:

  1. From your company Settings page, select Team members, and then select Add seats.


    If the Add seats button does not appear, contact your Gong CSM.

  2. Enter the number of seats you want, and click ADD SEATS.

    You can start using the new seats immediately. Charges for purchased seats are prorated to the end of your subscription term. An invoice for the purchased seats, plus any applicable taxes, will be sent to the mail account of your billing contact.  You should receive the mail 2-3 days after making the order.

Add seats using provisioning

If you're set up for automatic provisioning, you'll be asked to agree to buy additional seats when needed according to your provisioning settings.


Reach out to your CSM for any other billing questions on your account. Don't know who your CSM is? Contact Gong Support to open a case or chat with an agent.

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