Dig into deal activity
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Dig into deal activity

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Knowing everything that's happening on a deal is crucial to understanding what's happening in reality. Gong provides a great visual map of deal activity, with the ability to scrutinize every interaction when it's most relevant.

Activity by your prospect is represented in red; yours is represented in purple.

Find deal activity

  • Deals > Pipeline and Forecast tabs: drill into a deal and access the Activity tab

  • At the top of the account page and call page, see a timeline of activity associated with the deal.

What is deal activity?

Activity includes the following:

  • Emails, for example, between you and the prospect, including calendar invitations

  • Meetings scheduled in your calendar

  • Recorded web conferences and telephony calls

  • Digital interactions

What are digital interactions?

Digital interactions are activities that happen between you and a prospect. There are two types of digital interactions:

  1. Gong digital interactions show when your prospects interacted with Gong calls or snippets you share with them:

    • Open email: see when a prospect views the email sent by Gong when you share a call

    • Click link: see when a prospect clicks a link in the email sent by Gong when you share a call

    • View shared call: see when a prospect accesses a shared call

  2. 3rd-party digital interactions show when your prospects interacted with 3rd-party apps you have integrated into your Gong instance.

    Go here for a list of apps that can create digital interactions in Gong.

    Learn more about Gong integrations: in general, and about setting up digital interactions.

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