About 3rd party association
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About 3rd party association

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Who's this for? Orgs that use 3rd parties to sell their products

Let us know how you attribute deals to 3rd party vendors in your CRM, so that we can better associate deal activity to the correct vendor and label deals sold by a 3rd party. Read more about deal activity association here.

Top benefits to setting up 3rd party association in Gong

  1. Get improved accuracy in associating deals with 3rd parties

  2. Quickly identify the deals you're working with a 3rd party, and better understand the deal health


Conversations between your 3rd party and the prospect can't be shown in the activity timeline because Gong doesn't have visibility into the 3rd party's activity.

Who should set up 3rd party association?

You can enjoy the benefits of setting up 3rd party association if you:

  1. Sell with a 3rd party, i.e. use a partner, agent, broker, etc.

  2. Use either Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

What's not supported?

The following setups aren't supported:

  1. Use of parent/child accounts

  2. Direct sales

  3. High-volume sales to the same partner (for example, with high-velocity deals)

  4. Multiple 3rd parties per opportunity

See 3rd party association in Gong

Deals labeled by 3rd party name:


Seeing activities between you and the 3rd party in the deal activity:


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