FAQs for Whisper for interaction stats
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FAQs for Whisper for interaction stats

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What metrics does Gong coach for?

Gong coaches for six metrics:

  • Talk ratio (percentage of call in which team member spoke)

  • Longest monologue (duration of longest team member speech)

  • Longest customer Story (duration of the longest customer-talking segment, including short team member interruptions)

  • Interactivity (how often did the conversation switch back and forth from team member to customer)

  • Patience (how long does the team member wait after the customer completes talking before taking over)

  • Questions (how often does the team member ask questions)

How does Gong determine the best practices for each metric?

Gong best practices are based on an analysis of hundreds of thousands of calls across multiple businesses and are published regularly in Gong Labs studies.

How does Gong guide team members?

Gong provides guidance in emails sent after the call is complete, on the call page and in the Stats area, at an individual and group level.

Can I control which teams get coaching?

Yes, you can change the criteria that determine which calls are analyzed and select only calls by specific teams or people.

Can I control which types of calls Gong analyzes?

Yes, you can change the criteria that determine which calls are analyzed and filter calls based on CRM fields or other properties of the call like duration or topic.

Can I change the best practices?

The best practices set up in Gong are based on industry research across multiple companies. Future versions may allow you to tailor the best practices to your business.

How long does it take for Gong to recommend / provide best practices for Interaction Stats?

Gong should provide the feedback instantaneously. If there is a delay, check your Whisper settings for Interaction stats and make sure there are no filters applied preventing the information from displaying properly.

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