FAQs for telephony
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FAQs for telephony

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How does Gong import telephony calls?

Gong retrieves and imports calls using either a direct connection to the telephony system’s API or via the Salesforce account to which the system is connected. To set up call importing, add a new system in your Gong settings and follow the instructions provided.

What do I need to set up in Gong apart from the integration?

Besides setting up the integration with your telephone system, make sure that your users are set to be recorded in the team members page.

If anyone's calls are not being imported, make sure that the user information (name, email and phone number) in the telephony system matches the information in Gong.

What permissions are needed to import calls?

It depends on the telephony system. In some cases, you need to be an administrator for that system.

Which telephony systems should I add in Gong?

Add all the telephony systems that you use.

Can I add multiple telephony systems?

Yes, you can add all the telephony systems that you use. You can also add multiple instances from the same telephony system, just make sure you give each one a unique connection name during the connection process.

What happens when I remove a telephony system?

Gong no longer import calls made using this system. Past calls and their related data are not affected.

How long does it take for Gong to start importing calls?

Gong starts importing calls from your telephony system effective immediately.

How many historical calls does Gong import?

When connecting to any telephony system, during the initial sync you can import all calls made in the previous 90 days. However, if you are adding or changing a user, Gong only imports calls made in the previous 30 days.

How long does it take to import telephony calls into Gong?

Most telephony calls can take up to 4 hours to be imported into Gong. If you can't see your call in Gong after 4 hours, contact Gong Support.

Is there a way the call host can tell whether or not a specific call will be imported?

If the telephony system integration is turned on and the team member is set to be recorded, the call will be recorded and imported to Gong. There is no additional indication during the call.

How can a team member stop recording a call?

There's no way to stop a call from being recorded during the call. After the call is imported to Gong, the call can be deleted by an admin.

How can I stop a specific person from being recorded?

Update their data capture settings on the Team Members management page.

How can I ensure that call recording is compliant with local laws?

If using a telephony system to import calls to Gong, the telephony system is the body responsible for recording and compliance to regulations.

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