FAQs about email-account matching
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FAQs about email-account matching

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How are emails matched to an account?

Your CRM has a number of contacts associated with each customer and the website domain. Gong analyzes these domains, and emails (not only from the registered contacts), including any of these domains assigned to the account.

The actual process is that first, when an email comes in, Gong checks the exclude list. If the email passes that test the addresses are checked to see if any domain fits the account. If so, the email is associated with that account and appears in the account page.

How long after an email is sent or received can we see it in the account?

This should only take a few minutes.

What happens to emails that are not matched to an account?

Gong stores unmatched emails for one month before deleting them. If during this period, new CRM data is added to an account that enables matching, the emails are then assigned to the relevant account.

What happens to excluded emails?

Excluded emails are quarantined, and a super admin can delete them.

Does Gong support a search of the body of the email for an excluded term?

No, currently, only the subject and addresses are checked.

How do I exclude specific email addresses or domain names from being imported into Gong?

To exclude email addresses, domains or strings within the subject line, define these in the exclude list. See Excluding emails from import for more details.

When you add an exclusion criterion, Gong searches retroactively through all the stored emails and removes any that fit the exclude list. If any email address fits the exclude list criteria (even if the other addresses are okay), the email is not imported to Gong.

Are there any automatic exclusions of email addresses?

Gong automatically excludes email addresses with prefixes such as help@ or support@. The following suffixes are automatically excluded.

  • reception

  • auto-reply

  • sales

  • info

  • notification

  • help

  • webmaster

  • update

  • admin

  • mailer

  • billing

  • support

  • do-not-reply

  • services

  • news

  • no-reply

  • invitations

  • root

  • no.reply

  • marketing

Why can’t I see an email on an account’s timeline?

Check that you haven’t excluded one of the participants, or that one of your company’s team members participating in the call is set up never to import emails.

The way Gong assigns an email to an account is to check the domain of a participant’s email address. There may be multiple domains for each account and Gong checks all the email addresses for a customer in the CRM to understand the associated domains. If no recipient or sender email domain fits any of these domains, the email is not assigned to the account.

See also: Troubleshooting: Where's my email?

How come the same email appears under two accounts?

If an email included, for example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected], and both third-party.com and abc.com are domains recognized as two different accounts, the email will be assigned to both accounts.

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