Disconnect Gong from your CRM
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Disconnect Gong from your CRM

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You may want to disconnect your CRM from Gong, if for example your organization has changed to a different CRM or you connected to a Sandbox environment and now you're ready to connect to your CRM in production.


You can only connect one CRM environment to a single Gong instance at a time.

When to contact Gong support

If you plan to connect to a different CRM environment, first contact Gong support to remove existing CRM data that was imported into Gong. Then disconnect from your CRM.

Disconnect from your CRM

Once you have removed all existing CRM data from Gong, disconnect as follows:

  1. Click Company settings.

  2. In the CRM section, click the CRM you're integrated with to open the settings page for that CRM.

  3. Click Disconnect


    • If you want your sandbox Gong instance to be connected to a sandbox CRM environment in addition to your production environment, make sure to connect your production environment using a different email.

    • Disconnecting may take up to 24 hours. Gong will automatically consolidate your old CRM data with the new CRM data. This will also take a few hours.

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