Troubleshooting insights
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Troubleshooting insights

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Team member's statistics seem inaccurate

Statistics are only collected for calls where speakers are identified. For example, if a team member participated in 10 calls, but was only identified as a speaker on five of those calls, their stats will reflect their level of activity for those five calls only. In many telephony systems, you can define which channel a team member uses. Make sure that this has been correctly assigned.

For more details, see How Gong identifies speakers.

Not all the feedback is shown

The feedback metric only counts feedback requests marked as reviewed, or comments left on a call, not by the call owner but that are visible to the call owner. If a comment was added privately, and the call host can't see it, it's not counted. For more on what counts as feedback, see this.

Team members aren't appearing in all stats

Team members who have not agreed to voice identification may not appear in stats about Interactivity or Topic stats.

Check if a user has allowed voice identification by going to their profile in Gong. If they haven't, we may be able to separate speakers, but we don't know who is who. For example, we don't know who spoke 53% of the time and who spoke for 47% of the time. Users who haven't allowed voice identification can still have other stats (for example, interaction or topics stats) because we don't need voice identification to know who is who for web conferencing calls.

Some call categories aren't supported in Insights

Insights help you compare performance between teams and between team members. Filters that include multiple teams and filters that focus only on the customer's side of the call aren't supported.

Difference between "n/a" vs. "0" in stats

If "N/A" is shown beside someone's name in Insights (for example, under Activity, Interaction, Topics, Coaching), it means that person doesn't have any applicable calls for that section. If "0" is shown next to their name, it means the person has applicable calls, but not in that particular metric. For example, they may have participated in 100 calls, but not received any comments, so, while they have 1000 applicable calls, they have 0 calls under the "Feedback Received" tab.

Number of calls: Discrepancy in what’s attributed to the same person in Initiatives and Team stats

Here are some reasons why you may be seeing different numbers of calls for stats about the same team member:

  • In Initiatives, all calls are counted by default, including internal calls.

    In Team, the default is customer calls only. This can be changed to all calls, or to a specific call category.

  • In Initiatives, you can count by deals or calls.

    In Team, you can only count calls. If you’re comparing, make sure you compare calls to calls.

  • In Initiatives, tracker filters are applied to both the number of calls we count in the board (the denominator), and the number of calls in which that tracker is mentioned (the numerator). For example, you are tracking an initiative in specific calls (the denominator), and want to know in how many of these calls the initiative is mentioned (the numerator).

    In Team, tracker filters are only applied to the numerator. For example, you want to see how often a specific tracker comes up (numerator) within a certain call category.

  • In Initiatives, tracker adoption is based on the owner of the call. If a tracker is mentioned during a call, according to tracker settings but regardless of who said it, it is counted towards the call owner, only. 

    In Team, if a tracker is mentioned during a call, according to tracker settings but regardless of who said it, it is counted towards all call participants.

Number of tracker mentions: Discrepancy in what’s shown in Insights and Conversations

Tracker mentions can be viewed in several pages in the platform, and results may not be identical because the calculations in each area are different. In the following explanations about why you may see discrepancies in Conversations > Search page and Insights > Initiatives and Insights > Team, the following terms are important:

  • Numerator: Number of calls in which a tracker was mentioned

  • Denominator: Total number of calls relevant for the specific metric

In Conversations > Search, data is refreshed in real-time once a call finishes processing. Filters that are part of the tracker’s configuration, including call language, are only applied to the numerator, not the denominator. Results can include calls the team member hosted, invited or attended, and inactive team members can be viewed. Private calls are not counted or shown.

In Insights > Initiatives, data is refreshed twice a day. Tracker filters including call language are applied to both the numerator and the denominator. Results only include calls the team member hosted, and results are never shown for team members who are inactive.

In Insights > Team, data is refreshed twice a day. Tracker filters including call language are only applied to the numerator, not the denominator. Results include calls in which the team member was the host, or attended, and results are never shown for inactive team members. Private calls are counted but shown with a lock.

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