Syncing your CRM data to Gong
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Syncing your CRM data to Gong

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This article explains the sync times for CRM data to Gong for supported integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot and MS Dynamics.

Syncing data includes:

  • Creating new CRM entities in Gong when added to the CRM

  • Updating existing entities in Gong when updated in the CRM

  • Marking entities as deleted in Gong, so they are not visible or included in any metrics when they are deleted in the CRM.


    To delete personal data originating from the CRM, see Delete personal data.

How long does it take for CRM data to be visible in Gong?

Up to 6 minutes. Gong's fast sync time means that in most cases, you will see changes you made in your CRM in Gong around 6 minutes after making the change. The time it takes to sync the data depends on the volume of, and type of activity in your account. Companies which have a large volume of activity, or perform many changes to the deal/opportunity admin details such changing as the deal owner, may take up to two hours until the changes are visible in Gong.

Changes that are related to the configuration of the integration, such as adding fields that are imported can take longer to be available in Gong.

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