Forecast rollup board (business totals)
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Forecast rollup board (business totals)

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The content is a guide for Revenue Ops and Business Admin on using Gong Forecast. To access Gong Forecast, a Forecast seat is required. Users can view an overview of different forecasting motions in one place. To set up, go to Deals, Forecast Plan, and select Business total in the business lines drop-down menu. Then, go to Business total settings to customize the view by selecting specific lines and forecast categories. Each rollup forecast category can be linked to a business line forecast category to calculate the rollup total. Save the settings after making the selections.

Who's this for? Revenue Ops, Business Admin

Where to go? Deals > Forecast

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

See your business overview of all or some of your different forecasting motions in one view.

Set up

  1. In the business lines drop-down, select Business total and then go to > Business total settings.

  2. In the Business lines area, select all lines you want to appear in the totals view from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the Categories area, add the forecast categories you want to see in the rollup total.

  4. For each rollup forecast category, select the business line forecast category to count toward the rollup total.

  5. Click Save.

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