Redact sensitive information
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Redact sensitive information

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Automatically redact sequences of digits to avoid having a record of sensitive numbers such as credit cards and IDs. We can redact numbers equal to and above the minimum number of digits you choose. These numbers are silenced in the call audio and replaced in the call transcript with (REDACTED). Once information has been redacted, we cannot restore it.

A couple of redaction examples

If you set the minimum number of digits to redact to 4, and someone mentions "156" and "1564" on a call:

  • The number 156 will not be redacted (3 digits, so below the threshold)

  • The number 1564 will be redacted (4 digits, so meets the threshold)

For more examples, see What gets redacted?

Information redaction is applied to all calls, including telephony system calls and web conferencing calls and is available in all of Gong's hyper-optimized languages.

How to set up redaction

  1. Go to Company Settings > Data protection & privacy.

  2. In the Information redaction area, click EDIT.

  3. Select the checkbox beside the line that says "Redact sequences of..." and then enter the minimum number of digits you want us to redact.

  4. Click Save.


Gong redacts digits from new calls only. If you need to apply redaction to existing calls, contact Gong support.

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