Recipe: Investigate pipeline and forecast fluctuations
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Recipe: Investigate pipeline and forecast fluctuations

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This content is a guide for Revenue Ops and Managers of Managers on using Gong Analytics to investigate anomalies in pipeline forecasts. It outlines a three-step process: 1) Identify large deviations in the Analytics Trends report, 2) Filter the Analytics Changes report to focus on critical deals, and 3) Review individual deals to make informed decisions. By analyzing changes in deal status and activity, managers can determine whether to pursue or reevaluate specific deals to optimize forecasting accuracy and efficiency.

Who's this for? Revenue Ops, Manager of Managers

Where to go? Deals > Analytics

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

Follow this recipe to learn how to investigate 'blips' in your pipeline and forecast by simply looking in Gong. This recipe has 3 steps.

  1. In the Analytics > Trends report, look for large blips which indicate something going awry.

    For example, here we can see that we doubled the amount of deals in Commit around January/February, which then disappear in the middle of February:Sales_Forecast_Analytics_Trends_Recipe1.png

    In other words, there were a lot of deals in pipeline that didn't get booked. The pipeline size doubled by $200K, and then it disappeared. You'll want to investigate those deals that slipped.

  2. Go to the Analytics > Changes report, and filter the time range to look at the same 'blip' here.

    In our example, we can see that indeed there were a lot of deals (over $1M) that were pushed out:


  3. Triage the deals that caused the 'blip'.


    1. Filter the Changes report to just Commit deals in order to focus on the most critical deals at that time.

      In our example, we can see that 4 deals were pushed out of Commit.

    2. Scroll down to look at those 4 deals at a high-level.


      In our example, we can see:

      • All 4 deals had changes to their close date, explaining the change

      • The Aventine deal has a warning on it, and not a lot of activity

      • The Indis deal is the biggest ($80k) but is still in Validation

      So, you'll want to take a closer look at the Aventine and Indis deals.

    3. Click the deal name to review the deal from within the Changes report.


      Use "Ask anything" to answer your questions about the deals and review each deal's activity in order to reach a decision on how to best handle those deals.

      • Do you want to stop wasting time and kill one or both of those deals?

      • Or do you want to let those deals ride out because they are legit? Should you rethink the strategy on them?

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