Scores optimize your workflows
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Scores optimize your workflows

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Who's this for? Anyone forecasting with Gong

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

Use the likelihood score when you inspect your pipeline for a comprehensive, realistic, and real-time picture of deal health:

  • Identify potential risk at a glance

  • Validate each and every deal

  • Focus your attention on deals that genuinely need it

Focus your pipeline inspections

Where: Deals > Pipeline (deal board)

Review deals with lower scores to determine what’s happening and act now.


Tip: Need to hide the Score column in a deal board? In the board settings, click Deals_hide-column.png next to the Score column.

Drill down to understand the score

Where: Deals > Pipeline > click a deal score to open the panel

Understand how we calculated the score shown today, and what signals impact the deal positively or negatively.


Reliability in forecasting

Where: Deals > Forecast

Use likelihood deal scores when reviewing forecast:

  • Review committed deals with low scores to pressure test your forecast

  • Defend your forecast number by committing high-score deals

You can also review projections based on scores.

See the score when forecasting your number

Where:  DealsForecast

Double-check that the deals you’re including in your number are as strong as you think.


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