Enable the audio prompt
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Enable the audio prompt

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The audio prompt is available by default for most web conferencing providers (Google Meet, Chime, Microsoft Teams, Go ToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx, RingCentral Meetings, UberConference, and JoinMe).

For JoinMe, the audio prompt is only available by default if the call host has signed in to the web conference using their computer.

The audio prompt is enabled by default in consent profiles to ensure that participants hear a prompt when they join a call. When the audio prompt is turned off, participants will not hear the prompt when they join a call, so make sure you have another notification in place.

Follow the steps below as part of the flow for adding or editing a consent profile.

  1. Click Company settings > Data capture > Recording Consent and add or edit a consent profile.

  2. In the Audio prompt area, click Show Settings.

    To the right of the title, you can see if the audio prompt is on or off.

  3. Select whether the prompt plays shortly after the first guest joins the call, with audio enabled, or shortly after each guest joins.

    Gong identifies participants belonging to your company and doesn't play the audio prompt when they join the call.

    You can also customize the prompt to play when a custom field in Salesforce is set to true for the host. Select the checkbox and field value.

  4. (Optional) Select not to play the audio prompt when the consent page is used.

  5. (Optional) In the Language area, select the language for the audio prompt.

  6. Select the desired voice and text of the audio prompt.

    Click loudspeaker.png to listen to the audio prompt.

    The default is the following prompt:


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