Embed the Gong Player in Salesforce
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Embed the Gong Player in Salesforce

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Embed the Gong player in Salesforce to enhance your call listening and viewing experience.

  • Listen to an entire call without leaving Salesforce

  • Quickly jump to different parts of the call to listen to key areas

  • View screen shares for a fuller context

How to embed the Gong player

Applicable for: Lightning Experience, Classic.

  1. Create a Visualforce page.

  2. Give the page a name (any name will do).

  3. Copy and paste the contents below to render an iFrame.

    <apex:page standardController="Gong__Gong_Call__c">
    <iframe frameBorder="0" id="theIframe" name="theIframe" width="900px" height="815px" src="https://app.gong.io/embedded-call?call-id={!Gong__Gong_Call__c.Gong__Call_ID__c}"/>

  4. If required, adjust the iFrame's width and height.

  5. Go to any Gong conversation record and select Edit Page.


  6. Add a new Tab, and name it Gong Call.


  7. Drag a Visualforce component to the new Tab area.


  8. Select the Visualforce page you’ve created.

  9. Set the height to 850.

  10. Save the record page.

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