Monitor forecast accuracy
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Monitor forecast accuracy

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Who's this for?

Managers of Managers and Revenue Ops: Accuracy is an important data point you can triangulate alongside projection in order to call a more accurate forecast number.

Frontline Mangers:  See how accurately your team forecasts, and learn their tendencies so you know how to coach them to forecast more accurately.

Where to go? Deals > Analytics > Performance

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

How to read the report

The accuracy information in the report gives you cues to understand how accurate historical forecasts were, whether someone tends to over- or under-forecast, and by how much.

Use the report regularly to stay on top of forecast accuracy, and look out for patterns and repeat behaviors that can help better predict your numbers.

Accuracy percentage

The accuracy number is calculated by dividing the forecast for the chosen week by the actual sales at the end of the period, and converted to a percentage:

Forecast scale

The accuracy number also indicates whether the forecast was under or over for the chosen week. This scale helps you access who is cautious and who's a sandbagger so that you can take a haircut.

  • 99% or below indicates under-forecasting

  • 100% indicates an accurate forecast

  • 101% and above indicates over-forecasting

Accuracy scale

The colors in the chart indicate the level of accuracy for each person.

  • 85-115% accuracy is colored green, indicating high accuracy

  • 70-84% and 116-130% is colored pink, indicating medium accuracy

  • Below 70% and above 130% is colored red, indicating low accuracy

Customize the report

Change the team, line of business, forecast category, and forecast week to get the report you want to see.

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