Viewing API batch size
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Viewing API batch size

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Where to go: Click Company settings > Salesforce

Gong data is sent via APIs to Salesforce. Each API call has a standard batch size and the amount of data sent in each API request is based on this batch size. In certain situations, such as when there is a lot of data to update or where your Salesforce instance is processing data from other applications, it might be necessary to adjust the batch size to avoid throttling in Salesforce.

Gong checks the status of your Salesforce instance to assess whether the batch size of the API calls should be adjusted or not, and when necessary, automatically changes the batch size.

You can see the current batch size in the Salesforce integration page.

API consumption for exporting emails to Salesforce

Emails are exported either:

  • Once in 30 seconds

  • There are at least 200 emails to export

A single API call is consumed each time emails are exported to Salesforce. Salesforce does not provide an exact SLA for how long the synchronization takes, but since bulk calls are asynchronous, assume it can take around 2 hours to update.

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