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See the slides that were presented on a call so you know what was presented (and what wasn't), hear customer reactions, and observe how reps handled the situation.

If slides were presented during a call, you'll see the Slides tab on the left side of the screen.

Click on the tab to see all the slides that were shown during the call. Below each slide, you'll see when it was shown during the call, and for how long. Click on a slide to jump to the moment in the call where it was shown.

Find calls with or without slides

Filter calls based on slides that were (or were not) presented.

Use the Presentation shared filter to identify calls in which presentations were shared, and according to how long they were presented for.

Use the Slide title contains filter to identify calls according to what text was (or was not) in the slide title, and for how long each of these slides was presented for.

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