Troubleshooting: trackers (for business admins)
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Troubleshooting: trackers (for business admins)

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If Gong is not picking up a word set as a tracker in recordings, troubleshoot by checking the transcription accuracy. Differences in transcribed words may occur due to natural language processing. To resolve, review the transcript in Conversations Search, note the transcribed version, and add the term as a tracker in company settings under Custom vocabulary. Define the term, set classification, add applicable languages and alternative transcriptions, then save. This ensures that Gong recognizes the word as a tracker in future recordings.

If you've set a word as a tracker but Gong isn't picking it up in your recordings, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue. (By the way, we also have FAQ for trackers here).

Because Gong transcribes the call and then does some natural language processing, the words that it transcribes can be different from what is actually said. For example, if someone says "Ryan" very slowly or with a bad audio connection, Gong might think they said "Rye and." So, if you have set "Ryan" as a tracker, Gong won't pick it up.

  1. Go to Conversations > Search and look for the call where the tracker wasn't picked up.

  2. On the talk track (under the recording panel), click image24.png on the right to view the transcript.

  3. Find the part of the transcript where the word is being said and see how Gong transcribed it. Make a note of the transcribed version.

  4. To add this term as a tracker, go to your company settings here, or do the following:

    1. Click your name in the upper-right of the any Gong page and select [Company name] Settings.

    2. Under Optimize analysis, click Custom vocabulary.

      For more info, see When to use custom vocabulary

  5. Click ADD A TERM.

  6. Define the following:

    TERM: Add the word you want to use as a tracker.

    CLASSIFICATION: Set whether the term is general, your company name, or a company name.

    APPLICABLE LANGUAGES AND ALTERNATIVE TRANSCRIPTIONS: Add the variation that was in the Gong transcription.

  7. Click SAVE.

From this point on, if the synonym is used, it appears under the original tracker term.

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