Troubleshooting trackers
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Troubleshooting trackers

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If you've set a word as a tracker but we're not picking it up in your recordings, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

In some cases, what we transcribe in a call can be different from what was actually said. For example, if someone says "Ryan" very slowly or with a bad audio connection, we might transcribe that as "Rye" "and." So, if you've set "Ryan" as a tracker, we won't pick it up.

  1. Go to Conversations > Search and look for the call where the tracker wasn't picked up.

  2. On the talk track (under the recording panel), click image24.png on the right to view the transcript.

  3. Find the part of the transcript where the word is being said and see how Gong transcribed it. Make a note of the transcribed version.

  4. To add this term as a tracker, click Company Settings > Customize analysis > Custom vocabulary. For more details, see When to use custom vocabulary

  5. Click ADD A TERM.

  6. Define the following:

    TERM: Add the word you want to use as a tracker.

    CLASSIFICATION: Set whether the term is general, your company name, or a company name.

    APPLICABLE LANGUAGES AND ALTERNATIVE TRANSCRIPTIONS: Add the variation that was in the Gong transcription.

  7. Click SAVE.

From this point on, if the synonym is used, it appears under the original tracker term.

For more questions about trackers, see Tracker FAQs

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