Save time with call spotlight
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Save time with call spotlight

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Spotlight uses Gong AI to summarize calls, saving time by providing key points, next steps, and call briefs. It is available for various call types in multiple languages. In web conference calls, it automatically highlights key information and offers an outline of the call. Users can ask questions and get AI-generated answers quickly. In outbound telephony calls, Spotlight provides outcomes, next steps, and prospect highlights. It ensures security and does not use public language models. In CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, Spotlight displays call briefs and highlights. Users can also receive notifications in Slack and email.

Spotlight transforms the way you review calls by using Gong AI to summarize what was covered, so you know what happened without listening to a moment of the call. Save time reviewing calls, drill down into the details, get quick answers to call-related questions, and more.

Where can I see spotlight?

Spotlight is available for all types of calls, both customer-facing and internal. Web conference calls and inbound telephony calls are supported in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Outbound telephony calls are currently supported in English.

Spotlight in web conference calls


Spotlight opens automatically on the Highlights tab. The call brief features a short summary of the call, covering who was on the call and what was discussed. Key points is a 10-bullet summary of the call's main points. Next steps includes a list of action items from both sides of the conversation, making it easier for you to stay on top of things. Use the thumbs up / thumbs down to let us know if what we've marked is accurate. (Key points and Next steps are available for calls in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.)


Click Outline to see the contents of the call, divided into chapters. Click any chapter to jump to a bulleted list of what was discussed in that part of the call. At the top of each chapter, see an indication of how long it was discussed for during the call; click on the timestamp to go to that part of the call.

Ask anything

Want to know if the customer was trying to solve a specific problem with your product? Or perhaps you’re wondering if they mentioned budget. Ask call-related questions via the Ask anything field and get AI-generated answers in seconds. Click in the field to see the questions you've recently asked and suggested questions.

For tips on how to get the answers you want writing great AI prompts, see this.

Spotlight in outbound telephony calls

Spotlight is a huge timesaver when it comes to reviewing prospecting calls, and tells you everything you need to know about a call, without listening to a moment. It opens automatically on the Highlights tab and includes the following:

  • Outcome: Was a meeting booked? Should you follow up soon? Did you reach the wrong person? See this info right away, so you know how the call ended.

  • Next steps: Did the call end with an action item? Could be something like “Send an email with meeting details” or “Follow up in 4 months”. If there are no next steps, you'll see "No further action".

  • Call brief: This is a short summary of the call.

  • Prospect highlights: This is a bulleted list of things the prospect said that may be helpful for follow up. For example, if they mentioned that someone is on holiday or if there have been layoffs recently.

Gong ensures the highest level of security with an in-house governance strategy and a team dedicated to oversight and model development. We never use public large language models, unlike other solutions that leverage public-facing technologies directly. If you have any questions, write to [email protected]

Tip: At Gong, we use Spotlight every day to save time. See how we do it

Spotlight in the CRM

In Salesforce, spotlight's call brief and highlights are displayed in the following:

  • Conversation object (if you have the Gong for Salesforce app installed)

  • Task

In HubSpot, spotlight is displayed in the description of the object your activities are exported to, either:

  • Calls

  • Notes

  • Meetings

If you don't see call spotlight, contact your Gong admin. 

Where else can I see spotlight?

See spotlight's call brief in:

  • Slack notifications about calls shared internally

  • Slack notifications when new calls are added to a stream

  • Email notifications about calls shared internally and with customers

  • Email notifications when new calls are added to a stream or match saved filters

  • Call is ready email notifications

  • Coaching inbox

If enabled by your admin, see spotlight's call brief, key points, next steps, and outline in:

  • Calls shared with customers

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